​No wounded knees

It´s a tough job, but sombody has to do it. That is how life used to be when building partition walls. Lindab RdBX makes you working day easier. The new and simple Lindab RdBX system offers you better working conditions and is physically less demanding to install than any other wall profile system.
Lindab RdBX studs are lightweight and easy to handle. The system reduces the number of working procedures and minimises work at floor level and above shoulder height. There is no need for ladders or steps as the studs can be fitted to both the top and the bottom runner while in a standing position.

At the end of the day, 
you can feel the difference

You only have one body. You therefore need to look after it as well as possible in order to keep it healthy and strong, especially if your work i physically demanding or with repetitive movements. You can do your part to avoid injuries and pain simply by knowing how to use you body correctly when working.

By introducing Lindab RdBX, we take you one step further. This is a new and innovative product which is more comfortable to work with and wich offers improved ergonomic conditions when working.

Using Lindab RdBX for mounting partition wall profiles reduces physical strain. You can perform most of the work from a standing position and thereby minimise the strain on your muscles and joints. At the end of the day, you are certain to feel the difference.