Double up
on hours
-every day​

Lindab has simplified wall construction. The result is the new Lindab RdBX partition wall profiles - an innovative solution that makes assembly faster, simpler and more flexible than ever before.

From now on your working day will be better and easier: Once the runners are in place, the studs can be fastened without tools, and the solution offers you better ergonomics while working.

We know that time is important. You work hard to finish on time and you need to get things done efficiently. With Lindab RdBX you get the same well-known solution, but faster.

Test show that the new studs reduce on-site assembly times by more than half. It is like doubling up the number of hours - freeing up time for other important tasks.


The new RdBX stud​ ​

Lindab RdBX studs have evolved from the existing RdB studs that are used for partition walls and offer you the same benefits.

They are lightweight, rigid and soundproof
and made from hot-dip galvanized, rustproof steel. Steel is the perfect material for
constructions. It retains its strength and shape whatever conditions it is exposed to during the construction process.

Furthermore steel is an environment friendly material which is 100 per cent recyclable.